Devin Tait

Episode 10 October 25, 2021 00:47:27
Devin Tait
Geekspin Podcast
Devin Tait

Show Notes

On this tenth episode of the Geekspin Podcast the CoreyGeek speaks with Devin Tait about his solo work and his time with Shitting Glitter. We talk about New Wave, reminisce about the late Amy Crosby and talk about performing at a gay pride festival in Iceland.

You can find Devin's website here

You can find Shitting Glitter's website here

Featured songs on this episode:

Slut Buffet (Solar City Slutty Radio Mix) by Shitting Glitter off of Sidesaddle Sweet Tales

Until the Break of Dawn by Devin Tait off of Recollection: 2010-2020

Winnipeg Beach by Devin Tait off of It's Never the Way You Imagine It

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