Episode 6 April 12, 2022 00:51:51
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In this episode the Coreygeek speaks with Alyson Dellinger and Max Mobarry of Flummox. We talk about the bands name and its connection to Dr. Suess, possums, Strandberg guitars, signing with Needlejuice records and how far left you have to be to get your guns back. 

The following songs are included with the permission of the artist:

Garbonzo's Leap off of Reflummoxed 

Custodian Ralph off of Reflummoxed 

Trans Girls Need Guns off of In Hindsight

The host would like to apologize for the audio quality of this episode. There were some technical difficulties and a learning curve with using Zoom meetings. 

Flummox can be found on Bandcamp and at Needlejuice Records


A special shoutout to Sam of Witchpolice Radio for his help during the research phase of this interview.

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